Quick Thoughts: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective iOS

Ghost Trick Cover

Capcom can be a stella company when it wants to be. It brings fantastic ports of popular Japanese titles for us to play and Ghost Trick is no exception. If you’ve played Phoenix Wright then you’ll be familiar with their wacky loveable characters, reams of dialogue intertwined with spurts of gameplay then you’ll feel right at home with Ghost Trick. Continue reading


Quick Thoughts: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency

Jojo Cover

As the title suggests I have finished watching the second season of the madly popular Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure rebooted anime. I don’t usually watch Shonen shows apart from One Piece but Jojo provides enough variation around the Shonen stereotype to keep me interested. Also it’s pretty fun to do the various Jojo poses. Firstly I’d like to say about Battle Tendency is that it’s Opening is amazing!

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ScrewAttack/ Pure Pwnage T Shirt Confusion

They really do look the same

I’ve been a fan of both ScrewAttack and Pure Pwnage for a while and this has kept on bugging me. Why do these T Shirts look soooo similar. They aren’t even different colours, only the font has changed!
I’m not too sure which one came first or who ripped off who but I have to side with the Pure Pwnage guys. Even if the spelling sucks on both shirts, the PP guys at least have their grammar correct.

Let’s Talk!: Dorito Gate and Defense of Lauren Wainwright

Wainwright Cover

Background Reading: Link to a summery of Dorito Gate by NEOGAF

Dorito gate has to be one of the biggest controversy’s of 2012 sparking uproar and mistrust in the games media particularly the journalism side of the industry. Gametrailer’s poster boy Geoff “Dorito Pope” Keighley will forever have his mug surrounded by corn snacks and carbonated drinks due to this fiasco. But what about Lauren Wainwright? She was the other big player in Dorito gate scandal despite not advocating the salty snack nor the 360 exclusive unlike Geoff.

However I think she got it worse than Geoff but for the wrong reasons.

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Katawa Shojo or How to Fall in Love with 2D through Text, Pictures and Sex


So those not in the know Namco High came out last week. Namco High is a dating sim based on the different characters from various Namco franchises including; Katamari Damacy, Time Crisis, Klonoa and yes even the Yellow Man himself Pac Man. It’s one of the those large company cross over events that many fans dream of and has been outsourced to some well known internet creators including creator of Homestuck Andrew Hussie, artists like Ashley Davis and Yuko Ota famous for their web presence in Hey Ash and Johnny Wander respectively.

You can play Namco High right now by following this link but as of yet I cannot. For some reason it keeps on displaying a black screen for me so instead I’m going to talk about another Dating Sim I played recently also of Internet Origin Katawa Shojo.

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An Ode to Marvel vs. Capcom in the 7th Console Generation


Today marks the day that the Marvel vs. Capcom games and all associated DLC are pulled from XBLA and PSN in the US (Thursday for the EU). It’s sad to see the start of the inevitable but often unspoken digital downfall and today Capcom has cast the first stone. Marvel vs. Capcom as a series has seen a resurgence last console generation having sitting comfortably on the PS2 and Xbox ports previously.

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