Quick Thoughts: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency

Jojo Cover

As the title suggests I have finished watching the second season of the madly popular Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure rebooted anime. I don’t usually watch Shonen shows apart from One Piece but Jojo provides enough variation around the Shonen stereotype to keep me interested. Also it’s pretty fun to do the various Jojo poses. Firstly I’d like to say about Battle Tendency is that it’s Opening is amazing!

It’s got a catchy rhythm, tons of energy and encompasses the show’s main themes.

The Second Season was longer than the first but was better. Joseph Joester is the Jojo for this season and he’s the complete opposite compared to his grandfather Jonathan. He’s loud, brash and uneducated similar to most Shonen protagonist but his unpredictability kept me transfixed to the screen. He was certainly more interesting than Jonathan.


I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jojo and Caesar. Their arc from being hated rivals to brother’s in arms was great and you could really feel their relationship grow. The big bads were set up pretty nicely with many episodes showing the destructive force of the Pillar Men. What I really like about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is that many of the fights seem impossible. Jojo is often depicted as a regular guy and when set up against supernatural forces, you always wonder how he would get out of this situation. Compared to other Shonen shows where it’s predictable that Naruto will just scream a bunch then Rasengan the baddie into a rock; Jojo’s fights appear to be in the opponent’s favour because of their shear power or Jojo’s inexperience. But it’s the reveal, the turnabout, the prestige that keeps you glued to your seat.

The great thing about Battle Tendency is that it can be watched as a stand alone. There are some call backs to the last season along with an explanation of how Ripple (Hamon) works but if you just embrace the Bizarre nature of this show, you’ll have a great time!


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