Quick Thoughts: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective iOS

Ghost Trick Cover

Capcom can be a stella company when it wants to be. It brings fantastic ports of popular Japanese titles for us to play and Ghost Trick is no exception. If you’ve played Phoenix Wright then you’ll be familiar with their wacky loveable characters, reams of dialogue intertwined with spurts of gameplay then you’ll feel right at home with Ghost Trick.

I’ve dabbled in Phoenix Wright previously on the DS and although I loved the court battles and art style, the investigation parts were a tad dry. Ghost Trick cuts the fat so to speak and keeps it’s gameplay solely on the Ghost Tricks. No other gameplay variations, just solve this puzzle then watch a cut scene. You would think it would get boring quick but the unusual situations they put you in and different mechanics they introduce keep the tedium from seeping in. Some puzzles are trial and error but there are check points mid way through each puzzle so the punishment for mistakes is low. A very ingenious mechanic is having to solve the puzzle within a time limit. I know it sounds crazy but it makes the game ten times more engaging.

The reason being is that you are given solid context for why you are solving this puzzle and what will happen if you don’t. This is what separates it from timed sodoku.

Ghost Trick

When Ghost Trick was released it reviewed well and was praised for it’s presentation. There is nothing I can add to that. It simply sounds, looks and plays wonderfully. The characters are especially nice, bringing a lot of personality to the game and carrying it above the typical iOS or DS title. I played this on an iOS device (iPhone 4) and it handled marvelously. The presentation doesn’t falter either as the character portraits and animation are as good as the native system.

There is only so much praise I can give this game before I beg people to go out and play it. The first few levels are free on iOS and additional stages will cost. But for a limited time this holiday the whole game is yours for a buck!



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