My Current Obsession: Yasuyuki Okamura

Yasuyuki Okamura Cover

People who have watched Space Dandy may have already caught onto the really catchy opening song that introduces each episode. That song is called “Viva Namida” by multi-talented musician Yasuyuki Okamura. Yasuyuki Okamura has been on the Japanese music scene since the 80’s and is known internationally for his work on City Hunter and now Space Dandy. I’m always hesitant to start a new anime series; partly because I know if its good I won’t be able to rest until I’ve consumed all episodes and I’m afraid of exploring new media pieces. The latter mind set extends to music as I’m never ready to commit ~3 minutes of my time listening to a new piece and judging it’s quality.

Weekly my twitter feed receives updates on the latest episode of Space Dandy broadcasted on Toonami and on a whim I decided to youtube a few clips to see what was “Dandy” about the show. This was one of the videos that appeared.

This was the song that played during the show’s trailer and it matches pretty well. Yasuyuki Okamura’s character hanging out with the Space Dandy cast and just being funky is awesome.

Looking down the rabbit hole I found another one of his songs which was again equally as addicting and seemed to be channeling his inner “quirkiness” a la Suda51.

I’ve always found it hard to find places to buy international music. Discs and hard copies are always overpriced due to importing fees and iTunes store is generally weak in that area. However Yasuyuki Okamura by passes the iTunes stigma and the Viva Namida Space Dandy EP is available for purchase.

Loop can also be downloaded for free at his official site too.


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