Getting Lovey Dovey: Chobits

Chobits cove

Anime is not stranger to the concept of Love. Every male main character has a childhood friend just dying to get in his pants. But out of all the anime I have seen, there isn’t a greater love story than a man and his machine. Love Hina may be most popular harem next to Tenchi Muyo but I think Chobits has the most heart.


The way Chobits starts out is very reminiscent of a harem anime. A happy go lucky  young guy moves to Tokyo with prospects of Tokyo U and meets a gallery of women. BUT the most unusual girl is the one he picks up from the trash. They don’t hit off initially but when he gets curious with his hands he literally “turns her on”.

Hideki and Chii’s relationship is a blast to watch on fold. It’s like a weird father- daughter relationship as Hideki has to teach Chii everything as he goes by his daily business. He cares for her because he feels he should teach her since she is his “possession” (due to being a robot) but has enough decency not to take advantage of her. This is why I like Hideki. He actually acts like a Human instead of most harem guys, which act like a honey ball of hormones that always “accidentally” go for the peek or fondle.


Along the way Chobits’ harem of available girls get paired off one by one a la A Mid-Summer’s Nights Dream. Even though it’s highly unlikely, it allows there to be multiple love stories in one anime instead of one guy trying to have multiple love stories. Some of them are a bit hard to swallow but it’s nice to see everything fall into place. Eventually it is just Hideki and Chii to be paired up.

As Chobits entered it’s finale there is some weird stuff about how Chii is actually one of a kind and there is a grey area between her being a robot or a human but what stuck out to me is what Hideki does. Despite causing him grief, suffering and eventual scorn by the human world, he still stands by Chii. Chii doesn’t possess any genitals so he cannot receive children nor the comfort provided by physical love but he still chooses her. It’s not a unrealistic choice either as we see their relationship grow and believe ourselves that it could actually work.


Chobits fills out all the necessary slice of life harem anime cliches, from fan service scenes every episodes to themed episodes that go nowhere and are there just to act as filler but it always put Hideki and Chii in the forefront making us watch their relationship grow.


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