RWBY Ruby Rose Figure


RWBY is Rooster Teeth’s latest venture in Internet entertainment domination but it has had some mixed feedback. The positive are that the action is phenomenal. After all it is Monty Oum’s production but anime critics have torn RWBY to shreds regarding animation, storyline and every thing that isn’t the combat. Checking the site and twitter yesterday I was surprised to see that they released a new action figure featuring the titular character.


WOW. I didn’t think that something so cool could come from something that looks, pretty bad. The makers of this fine craft is MacFarlane (Halo Figures, Sports and other Geeky TV/Video Game Memorabilia) who have collaborated briefly with Rooster Teeth previously on a Grifball figure as part of their Halo line.

This Ruby Rose figure very pretty at a glance as the colours do come right off the figure. The scythe/sniper dubbed Crescent Rose looks to scale compared to Ruby and it appears to be detachable. I’m not sure why since Ruby doesn’t seem to be posable. The box art also looks great with a picture Ruby in the front and a silhouette on the side.


The size makes me wonder about the price tag of $34.95 as it does stand at 4″ tall. Pictured at the header is the figure with her voice actress Lindsay Tuggey and it definitely looks on the small side. It seems that this is the first of four action figures coming out in Season 1 so we can expect Weiss, Blake and Yang to join in hopefully very soon.

I wish that all four of the girls have a unique pose that you can form up like the Ginyu Force.


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