Dirge of The Electric Hydra

TEH Cover

I love listening to podcasts almost as much as I love listening to music. Having entertaining, charismatic and funny hosts bounce off one another for 30 minutes to two hours makes me feel, in lack of better words, not lonely. It’s like being at a dinner table or a party without the trouble of socialising and still receiving the joys of human “interaction”, or at least one side of the human interaction. This post is very late as the podcast in question hasn’t updated since October of last year and finally announced it’s termination two months ago. Nevertheless; The Electric Hydra podcast played a big role in my later college years and I’d like to pay my respects.

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RWBY Weiss Figure

Weiss Cover1 Co-Star of Rooster Teeth’s latest animation venture; Weiss Schnee is the next lucky lady to get a figure modelled after her. Weiss is a typical tsundere without a male lead to fawn over so instead she’s just a uptight bitch to the main character Ruby. Weiss was introduced in the White trailer as an opera singing fencer fighting against Iron Knuckle‘s anime cousin. That was also the trailer that first showed off the use of dust, a staple in the RWBY universe. Continue reading