RWBY Weiss Figure

Weiss Cover1 Co-Star of Rooster Teeth’s latest animation venture; Weiss Schnee is the next lucky lady to get a figure modelled after her. Weiss is a typical tsundere without a male lead to fawn over so instead she’s just a uptight bitch to the main character Ruby. Weiss was introduced in the White trailer as an opera singing fencer fighting against Iron Knuckle‘s anime cousin. That was also the trailer that first showed off the use of dust, a staple in the RWBY universe. Weiss_Figurine01 I think this figure is the weaker of the two released so far. Weiss has a very boring stance that covers most of her front since she is leaning over and therefore also covers her face. That last point may be for the better as it looks like she has been hit with the ugly stick in this figurine. The stand that she is on is at least detailed so that is one up on the Ruby figure. Weiss Ice1 I still cannot get over this ridiculously bland stance they put Weiss in. From the above picture it would suggest that the pose came from the White trailer which it did, but NOT from that part. Weiss Sword1 It comes in when she is riding on the giant sword which looks cool but doesn’t translate well into a figure. Blake and Weiss1

Having a look at the other RWBY figures I would think that swapping Blake’s and Weiss’s stances would fit their personalities better. Blake is more sneaky so should be low to the ground and Weiss, being an upper classman and an aristocrat should be standing tall and readying herself to duel with Myrtenaster.

You can buy the Weiss Figure over at the Rooster Teeth Store for $34.95


One thought on “RWBY Weiss Figure

  1. If you don’t like your Weiss figure, I’ll buy it from you, out of box or in. I’ve been looking for her for a while.
    I usually do Ebay for buyer/seller protection, ask you to list it for 1000, and then ask you to accept my best offer for an agreed upon price. If you still have her, I’d love to add her to my collection.

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