Hey Breezy, What Time is it?

Breezy Cover

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Adventure Time. I used to watch it religiously and could see where the popularity came from. The show was profound behind it’s childish exterior and the writing is incredibly sharp. Each episode wavered between one off silly stories to interesting thematic ones with the episode ‘Burning Low‘ being the most emotionally sweet piece of children’s programming I have ever seen. I burnt out of Adventure Time and Regular Show just as the popularity was booming but an Internet Star drew me back to give one more episode a watch.

Breezy Concept

It seems I had missed out on quite a lot of lore and background information coming into the episode. Finn is missing a hand and is no longer with Flame Princess. Fortunately background lore isn’t needed in this episode as the focus is on Finn’s rehabilitation and his relationship with a new character Breezy voiced by Ashly Burch (that famous Internet Star I mentioned above). This episode has everything I love about Adventure Time; music, themes, comedy and the relatable situations.

Finn’s new hand is a flower which has attracted the attention of a Bee called Breezy. However the Flower’s health is affected by Finn’s mood and seeing that he just split with his previous flame, he is down in the dumps and looking for a rebound. So Breezy steps in to help cheer him up so she can spend more time with the Flower. What makes this set up work is the writing. We can all relate to Finn desperately seeking companionship through “making out” with anything after a messy break up, even if they are fleeting and not sustainable.

Breezy and Finn

But we can also relate to Breezy, the tragic hero of the story. She does all she can to spend as much time with Finn even though it’s not Finn she is interested in. You can see the uncomfortable nature of this relationship as even she tries to convince herself that she is only helping Finn because he is sad, rather than her selfish desire to spend time with the flower and keep it healthy. She does all these tasks in false pretence in hopes of being with the flower, even though Finn thinks she is only helping him because she is a nice Bee.

This may seem like a depressive episode of self destruction but Adventure Time knows its a children’s show so incorporates singing in an effective manner. Finn sings about his depression and becomes a duet with Breezy that lightens the mood somewhat. Jokes are thrown in at the right time and the cartoonish setting and art style contrasts with the realistic writing in such a way that it doesn’t take away from the contextual theme, but makes it easier to take in.

Jesse Twitter

After half a year hiatus from Adventure Time I’m glad I came back in on this episode. It shows everything that I had loved about the show is still present, despite the boom in popularity. The Breezy episode is based on Jesse Moynihan‘s experiences and his message resonates throughout. Adventure TIme continues to put out 10 minute emotional roller coasters that shred through the heart strings. This goes with ‘I Remember You‘ and ‘Burning Low‘ as my favourite Adventure Time Episodes.


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