Anime Doppelgängers and Dead Ringers

Doppelganger Cover

So I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently. And I mean a lot! When you do that, you start to get double vision or at least your mind starts seeing characters all over the place. Here a few dead ringers or doppelgängers that some how made it into other anime series.

Vato Jean

Vato Falman/ FMA 2003 and FMA: Brotherhood
Jean Kirstein/ Attack on Titan

Pride Wen

Wen/ Cowboy Bebop
Pride or Selim Bradley/ FMA 2003 and FMA Brotherhood

Bebop Kanji

Some dead bounty hunter in Brain Scratch Session 23/ Cowboy Bebop
Kanji Tatsumi/ Persona 4 The Animation

Masao Connie

Connie Springer/ Attack on Titan
Masao Sato/ Crayon Shin Chan


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