Marvel vs. Capcom Official Complete Works Review

Marvel vs Cover

I’ve always been a fan of fighting games but more so the graphics. Pixel perfect key frames, fluid animation, and a large influence from manga and anime made it just as fun to look at, as it was to play. I consider Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes the pinnacle of fighting game sprite work. Not only collecting one of the largest fighting game casts to date but also turning western comic book heroes into video game sprites was absolutely darling. My latest purchase, Udon’s Marvel vs. Capcom Official Complete Work was inspired by my passion for these games and their art.

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Seconds Review

Seconds Cover

Seconds is the third graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley and seems to be marketed after the widely successful Scott Pilgrim series, his second graphic novel. Keeping a lot of details in the dark and only revealing brief snapshots of the art, Seconds had me feeling cautious but curious. I’m a creature of habit and relish in known conventions. ‘If Seconds wasn’t similar enough to Scott Pilgrim’ I thought ‘Then I’d probably won’t like it’. That was my mindset going in.

This review is spoiler free. I will try to refrain from mentioning any major plot points aside from what is mentioned in the blurb.

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Seconds Nods to Scott Pilgrim

Scott Seconds

Scott Pilgrim creator and Indie darling released his third graphic novel this summer entitled “Seconds”. While he has kept tight lipped concerning the plot of Seconds, you can see bits and bobs of the artwork all over his social media; Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I was lucky enough to pick up a signed copy of the book at my local comic book store when he stopped by on his book tour. A review of the book will be coming shortly but in the mean time I noticed a lot of call backs to his previous work, Scott Pilgrim.

This is entirely spoiler free unless you still want to remain in the dark about everything to do with Seconds.

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Quick Thoughts: Monogatari Series: Second Season

Monogatari Cover

The Monogatari series was supposed to be my summer anime. Anime that has been on my backlog for sometime but requires a lot of free time to catch up on thus being perfect to watch in summer. Suffice to say that I accomplished that goal last month and more recently watched the whole of Berserk, Paranoia Agent, caught up with Attack on Titan (Dub), Space Dandy, Game of Thrones and The Legend of Korra. I usually write a Quick Thoughts straight after finishing a series so leaving this one after watching all of them may have affected memory.

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Let’s All Go to the Movies!

Movies Cover

The first ever post on this site was Quick Thoughts on Iron Man 3 and since then I haven’t written about any other movies. The reason being is that I dislike watching movies unless they really really interest me. I’d be hard pressed to spend $10 or even hour and a half on a movie when I could be doing something else. But at the start of this weekend in the shower of all places I decided I wanted to watch a British gangster movie like in The Getaway. One thing lead to another and now I had four movies under my belt after 72 hours.

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RWBY Blake and Yang Figures

Yang and Blake

The last member of team RWBY is now available for purchase at the Rooster Teeth store so now you can finally add Monty Oum’s ladies to your every growing collection of polyvinyl cherry figures. I’ve decided to cover both Blake and Yang together today, or as they are affectionately called ‘Bumblebee‘, because I don’t think I need to spend a large amount of time talking about Blake.

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The 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Video Games

5 dos and don'ts cover

It’s hard to argue that nothing has changed from the last console generation to this one. We have seen many layoffs, the rise of indie games, the saturation of genres and memes a plenty. Even though we are well underway with this console generation I still think that developers and publishers can still learn a thing or two from the mistakes made last gen.

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Quick Thoughts: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Cover

Bruce Campbell remained a man of mystery throughout most of my life. Mass consuming media in the noughties my first images of Mr. Campbell were from the Raimi Spiderman films. I occasionally heard his arrogant vocals in animated shows like My Life as a Teenage Robot and Megas XLR but never thought of him as anything more than a nameless actor. I was never aware of the cult hero Bruce, until I watched Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness that featured; the Evil Dead series, Bubba Ho- Tep and later a review of My Name is Bruce.

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