Quick Thoughts: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Cover

Bruce Campbell remained a man of mystery throughout most of my life. Mass consuming media in the noughties my first images of Mr. Campbell were from the Raimi Spiderman films. I occasionally heard his arrogant vocals in animated shows like My Life as a Teenage Robot and Megas XLR but never thought of him as anything more than a nameless actor. I was never aware of the cult hero Bruce, until I watched Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness that featured; the Evil Dead series, Bubba Ho- Tep and later a review of My Name is Bruce.

Evil Dead Ash

Even after watching the Evil Dead trilogy, My Name is Bruce and some clips of Burn Notice, I never became a Bruce Campbell fanatic. His famous one liners I thought sounded better coming out of John St. John, his comedic timing just seemed a little off and the Raimi films never sat well with me except Spiderman 2 and maybe Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.
I recently crossed paths with a iTunes gift card and saw Bruce’s If Chins Could Kill was on the market place. “Hey that guy’s got a great voice and I heard some pretty good things about it from James’s video so I’ll check it out”.

10 hours or so later, I was scouring the Internet for a hardback version of this book.

Yep. That chin could kill
Yep. That chin could kill

If Chins Could Kill is one of the best Audiobooks I have ever heard. Bruce commands the audio waves with such great presence its like having a cold one with an old friend looking back on days past. His stories are full of humour, style and most importantly humanity. I cannot stress the one thing I love about this book is that its written from the heart.

The spores won’t find me in Miami

I’ve always saw Actors and Actresses living the life of Riley; they’re beautiful, adored, and almost a being living on a superior realm only to be seen and worshipped by consumers of entertainment. Its hard to tell that they have ever suffered for their craft, and maybe they haven’t. Bruce puts it all into perspective from his humble beginnings to the conclusion of the long running Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. This man has seen the trenches, the sunny shores and shady side of Hollywood, and lived to tell the tale.

The audiobook is substantial, easily lasting you a whole international plane ride or long road trip and them some. The book does have diagrams showing schematics for makeshift movie devices for budding movie makers but Bruce courteously describes them for audiobook listeners. There are more superlatives I can throw at this fine piece of audio mastery such as; most enjoyable, most entertaining and refreshingly new but its up to you to put down the $15 for the audiobook

Still very active with the fans on twitter @GroovyBruce
Still very active with the fans on twitter @GroovyBruce

For the record my personal highlights of the book are; filming the first evil dead, stories from Hollywood, and Bruce’s hardships during his divorce. They are all very down to earth and relatable, showing that actors and actresses are all human when we get down to brass tacks.



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