RWBY Blake and Yang Figures

Yang and Blake

The last member of team RWBY is now available for purchase at the Rooster Teeth store so now you can finally add Monty Oum’s ladies to your every growing collection of polyvinyl cherry figures. I’ve decided to cover both Blake and Yang together today, or as they are affectionately called ‘Bumblebee‘, because I don’t think I need to spend a large amount of time talking about Blake.


There is not much to say about our furry friend. She has a rather bland stance, upright gripping Gambol Shroud. What I do like is the detail on the figure and the base. Unlike Ruby, Blake’s base is a rustic/metallic floor that fits her cold demeanour (at least at first) and her face is great compared to Weiss. The Blake figure will also occupy less of your top space, due to being a fairly simple figure with no jutting out edges or angles.


Now onto Miss Xiao Long, the oldest and feistiest of the team. As with the rest of RWBY figures, the detail is top notch. I like the bright and complimentary colors on Yang’s design. The face again I have a problem with. By no means is it as bad as Weiss’s, however it doesn’t match the show it is based off and its actually just one feature.

Yang Mouth

The mouth. In the show everyone has pencil thin lips but Yang here has this semi-opened smile thing going on that makes it look like a weird baby face. Her stance is good, somewhere between a guard and after a punch being made. The base has upped it’s game to showing some bullet cartridges reminiscent of Yang’s fight with Hei ‘Junior’ Xiong. If only all the figures had such a detailed base.

Yang and bear

If I were to recommend just one figure it would be Blake. Apart from the rudimentary stance, it is the one with the best overall features. I can’t see anything visually wrong with it and it will fit nicely between a Kanu Unchou scale figure and an imperial scout walker.

You can pick up each of the RWBY girls for $34.95 a pop or get all four for $125.83 and save 10 % at the Rooster Teeth Store. United Kingdom and Australia stores will have a wait a bit for the stock to arrive to their respective stores.


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