Seconds Nods to Scott Pilgrim

Scott Seconds

Scott Pilgrim creator and Indie darling released his third graphic novel this summer entitled “Seconds”. While he has kept tight lipped concerning the plot of Seconds, you can see bits and bobs of the artwork all over his social media; Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I was lucky enough to pick up a signed copy of the book at my local comic book store when he stopped by on his book tour. A review of the book will be coming shortly but in the mean time I noticed a lot of call backs to his previous work, Scott Pilgrim.

This is entirely spoiler free unless you still want to remain in the dark about everything to do with Seconds.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together)

Knives Chau

Knives Chau (Scott Pilgrim Series)

Famous Line

The Famous Bread Line (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

X men

Scott’s X Men Badge (Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life)
I assumed the badge on the Seconds person is a Magneto reference (House of M) as he is the antagonist of the X Men


Ramona’s Subspace Purse (Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together)

Stephen Stills and Joseph

Stephen Stills and Joseph (Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour)

Scott and Ramona

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers- The Famous Couple (Scott Pilgrim Series)
Also Scott is eating an Avacado (sorry covered by image). A reference to his job at The Happy Avacado (Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together)


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