September Sakura: Street Fighter Legends: Sakura Review

Sakura Legends Cover

The Street Fighter Legends series serves as side stories to the main story line being crafted by Udon based on the popular Capcom fighting games. Each character got four issues and a trade paper back. What I like about the Legends series is that its fun. There’s no world ending story or deep meaning behind each attack, just simple problems needing simple answers. Sakura is the star of the first Street Fighter Legends book so let’s see how it matches up to her last outing as a protagonist.

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September Sakura: Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 2 Review

Sakura Ganbaru

Mike Zaimont, creator of the indie game Skullgirls, when asked why he didn’t change the name of game since there were two male DLC characters, responded

“the same way Capcom can still call it ‘Street Fighter’ when they fight inside”

And its true. For all the Street Fighting Street Fighter boasts, there’s not a lot of action on the streets. There’s jungles, shrines, temples, airfields, but rarely do brawls ever occur on the street. The same is true in Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 2 where we go on a jet setting adventure on the search for ‘that person’ a.k.a. Ryu.

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September Sakura: Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 1 Review

Sakura Ganbaru Cover

Street Fighter is very accepting in terms of allowing people to participate in it’s world championship tournaments. Not to the extent of Tekken by allowing animals to compete but still, Street Fighter accepts fighters from all walks of life, fighting style, gender, and sexuality. But I would’ve thought they’d at least set an age bracket for this urban kumite. People can get seriously hurt before they can even learn how to drive! This was my mindset after reading Sakura Ganbaru vol. 1.

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September Sakura: Origins of a Street Fighter

Sakura Cover

Recently I’ve been pondering on what to write about. Digging through my art book collection I discovered a handful of Udon books, all the Penny Arcade volumes including the 10th anniversary, and a couple of miscellaneous gems that I’ve picked up at trade shows. Thinking that you guys would get bored of me raving about Penny Arcade for the next few articles, I noticed that I have three books dedicated to Street Fighter’s fighting high schooler Sakura Kasugano. So I’m making this month September Sakura starting with why I love this character so much.

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