Quick Thoughts: Batgirl #35

Batgirl cover

I love tumblr. It’s a place where I can get awesome fan art for my favourite shows, links to interesting articles, and the latest pieces from my favourite content providers. Recently the new Batgirl redesign has been doing its rounds with many comments being extremely positive and I have to agree. She looks cute and the costume is practical. Batgirl #35 released last month so this write up is extremely late.
Before diving into this Quick Thoughts, I have to say that I have no experience when it comes to DC comics. I have always been a Marvel/Spiderman guy as I always thought DC took itself too seriously.


Babs (as she is affectionally called) is moving into the swish urban side of Gotham known as Burnside. Communication is done via electronics, coffee and alcohol are the beverages of choice during the day and night respectively, and hashtags are prefixes rule supreme. It’s the complete opposite from the dank depressing urban metropolis of Gotham, and I like it.


It’s a new take on Batgirl, playing her as a college student rather than a teenage Batman try hard. It reminds me of Peter Parker earlier exploits as a masked avenger, trying to balance social life with their crime-fighting masked personas. For the Bat-enthusiast , this overhaul may seem like a weird juxtaposition from Gotham’s gothic theme, but I love when creators bring a modern twist to an existing franchise.


The story is heavily reliant that you are up to date with the various apps and social media sites being used by the youth of today. Despite using these sites and apps daily, I still had a hard time deciphering the villain’s master plan (but then again I’m not part of the Bat club). The whole issue felt like an episode from a cartoon series with minor problems introduced at the beginning that were resolved after a satisfying beat down and subsequent chilling out session after unmasking.


The art is what really sells this book to me. Taking cues from TV cartoons rather than traditional comic books, this helps emphasise the mood of a Batgirl entering the modern age. You won’t see moody black palettes anywhere in this issue as it’s replaced by hot neon pinks and yellows that directs the reader towards Barbara’s more feminine personality.

Alt Cover

At the time of writing, Batgirl #36 is right around the corner and continues from the storyline set up by Batgirl #35. To a casual observer of comics this book is a good read for it’s new perspective on Batgirl but may be too jarring for the regular visitors of Gotham and it’s insane inhabitants.


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