A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Except for Ruby Rose

RWBY done cover

A rather lengthy title for saying, I’ve dropped RWBY from my weekly watching list. I had high hopes for Monty Oum’s anime written by Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross as I’m a big fan of Haloid, and Dead Fantasy. They were lite on story but visually the narrative elements were there; Dead or Alive girls hate on Final Fantasy girls. So if you couple those awesome fighting vignettes with some capable writers, that should be a recipe for success.

NOTE: Spoilers for Volume II up to Chapter 7

Volume 1 and 2

I’ve made it been known what I had thought of RWBY season one but from the preview videos for season two things were looking promising. The art style got a touch up with extra shaders and full models for background characters, and the girls look better than ever. However then they started adding fight scenes in every other episode. The fight scenes were the best part of RWBY as it was awesome to see Monty’s unique brand of weapon combat, but my alarm bells started ringing when they randomly had a martial art food fight in the cafeteria!?

Turkey Gloves are a bridge too far.
Turkey Gloves are a bridge too far.

It felt incredibly shoe horned in. I can understand if they were sparring or if the students got into a scuffle over something trivial but just to have a random food fight between the main cast? The saving grace was Ozpin’s line:

..but right now they are still children. So why not let them play the part

This is a fantastic line. Not only does it recognise the level of the rwby cast as irresponsible due to their age and training, but also the highly dangerous nature of their line of work. They’re supposed to be the guardians to the city and, by extension the human race from the monsters, but are still acting like children. Ozpin recognises this because he knows that with age comes natural responsibility and doesn’t want to force them to grow up too fast. A really nice line that sums up the nature of the show

Love Triangle

A few mores episodes along and RWBY wavers between bearable and unpleasant to watch. I liked the team dynamics in RWBY especially seeing Weiss warm to her team mates, or any scene with Nora. But the teen drama love triangle thing between Weiss, Jaune, and newcomer Neptune I can do without. It’s cliché and at times cringe worthy.

"I can't dance, man" :- the one true weakness of all blue haired cool guys
“I can’t Dance, man” :- the one true weakness of all blue haired cool guys

My tolerance for RWBY snapped at the prom, specifically the interaction between Jaune and Neptune. Jaune is depressed because he got turned down by Weiss for Neptune despite having a smokin’ hot red head just itching to dance with him. He goes out on the balcony to mope (like all hollywood leads) when he is approached by Neptune. Jaune shouts at Neptune for turning down Weiss but it is revealed that Neptune cannot dance and is too embarrassed to go with her. Cue inspirational speech from Jaune explaining ‘benefits of just being yourself’ in front of members of the opposite sex.

And then random K-pop dance scene in the middle of ball room dancing….


After that episode I knew I couldn’t watch anymore. Whenever RWBY focuses on the high school aspect of the show, it bogs down what makes it good. The lore and the fights. Anime like Soul Eater and Naruto only really use the school as a back drop. Only some episodes are devoted to lessons or exams to enforce the academia setting, so the show can focus primarily on the teacher-student dynamic or students being in dangerous situations instead.


Jaune should’ve been played off as a goofy wanna-be playboy that hits on all girls but doesn’t get deterred when he is turned down, like Brock or Johnny Bravo. You can still show the loser aspect due to him being turned down but respect him as a character because he doesn’t give up. It’ll culminate with him being a decisive and brave leader of JNPR. Instead we just get a really shitty fighter that chases one girl incessantly, and spends a lot of time moping because of those two weaknesses.

At least there's always awesome fan art that populates my tumblr
At least there’s always awesome fan art that populates my tumblr

Maybe during a media drought I may find myself stumbling back into RWBY just for some closure but for now I’m closing the lid on this internet anime series.


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