Quick Thoughts: Attack on Titan


If you’re not already watching Attack on Titan then stop reading this and head over to crunchyroll and start watching. If you’re reading the manga or watching the sub, then I’d suggest you still head over and watch the dub because it’s quite good.

Either way just start watching Attack on Titan because it’s the best thing since slice of life anime.

The Ron, Harry, and Hermione of SNK
The Ron, Harry, and Hermione of SNK

Admittedly I was skeptical about watching AoT(Or SNK for the weeaboo). “Another show that the internet loves to rave about e.g. True Detective, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones etc. etc. they’re a dime a dozen”. The dark art style that covers the characters faces in heavy shading around the eyes were an instant turn off for me. This wasn’t a typical shonen show, it looked like a horror or monster anime from the promotional pictures of the titans.

One of the rare un-sexualised pictures of Mikasa Ackerman on the Internet
One of the rare un-sexualised pictures of Mikasa Ackerman on the Internet

It wasn’t until last summer when I gave the dubbed episodes a watch. An incentive was that a famous internet star was playing an internet meme. After the first episode had ended I was hooked. I binged on the remaining 13 episodes and was nearly late to work because of it. More recently I binged on the following season taking me up to episode 25.


Attack on Titan is addictive because it’s shrouded in mystery and desperation. The characters are constantly in a dangerous environment and the show emphasises their vulnerability. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that many of them are expendable, laying on a thick atmosphere of futility. But the show displays hope in the form of mystery. Every action a character takes brings them one step closer to uncovering something. And yet, Attack on Titan teases us with occlusive resolutions by ramping up the risk ten fold. No action is without a negative reaction.

Fan Art
I’m not showing any titans because it’ll hit harder when you see them in the show. Also this is prettier

If you asked me last year to recommend an anime for a complete green horn, I would say a slice of life like Azumanga Daioh, or a shonen like Gurren Lagann. While these shows are good, I feel that they might be a bridge too far for western tastes. But with AoT I’ve had a 100 % success rate. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has been hooked onto the exploits of the 104th trainees squad.

Attack On

If I said anymore it’ll be a spoiler, so please please please, if you haven’t seen Attack on Titan give it a watch. It’s only 25 episodes long so you can catch up in no time.


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