RWBY Figure: Jaune Arc

Jaune Cover

Last summer saw the release of Blake and Yang figures made by McFarlane Toys adapted from the popular web anime series RWBY. While I was critical of the design of all four girls they seem to be selling well enough to warrant a whole second season. This time it’ll focus on the JNPR team starting with their golden leader Jaune Arc.


Standing at 6″ high, Jaune is already the tallest out of all the released figures. He has a generic tough guy pose, crocea mors in hand. While not exactly in character it does make for a cool looking figure. The attention to detail must be mentioned; the off centred design of Jaune’s shield, scratches on the armour, belt holes, and creases in his clothes all look fantastic. His belt buckle does look a little flat and his face again doesn’t resemble the on screen counter part but overall its a great looking figure.

Those two pictures are literally the only pictures of the Jaune figure on the Internet. Sorry guys...

Those two pictures are literally the only pictures of the Jaune figure on the Internet. Sorry guys…

The stand also looks good, a broken up stone stage with little shrubbery growing in the cracks. It complements the figure well. It’s a shame that these McFarlane Figures aren’t the least bit posable as they would go a lot further than just sitting on a desk like a fancy paper weight.

You can get Jaune Arc at the Rooster Teeth Website for $34.95 and it’s out for the US and AUS customers. Us Brits will have to wait a little bit longer before we can get a hold of this one.

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