RWBY Figures: Ruby Rose Figure by ThreeZero

Unlike most anime made these days, RWBY hasn’t capitalised on the merchandise that could be made from the series. I was expecting a tsunami of drama CDs, dakimakura, keychains, phone cases, and art books. Instead there has been a steady trickle of promising figurines by McFarlane Toys. Recently Rooster Teeth have partnered with ThreeZero to make a figures of the main cast with Ruby being the first one announced for pre-order.

Ruby Threezero

First things first, WOW. Ruby looks great! The face is spot on. Extremely accurate representation of her facial features down to the smooth skin represented by the vinyl is fantastic. Unlike the McFarlane line, the eyes, nose, and mouth have been carved with great precision. The juxtaposition of an animesque head with realistic clothes doesn’t look out of place, but eerily natural.

Accessories Ruby

Incredible effort has gone into bringing the show to life with these figures, and as testament to this is the staggering amount of detail. The laces on the boots, cartridges, and belt decals all emphasise the possibility of Ruby jumping out of the screen and onto the desktop.

Ruby Comparison

Ruby comes with a myriad of accessories including all the forms of crescent rose with the possibility of posing her in different stances to replicate key moments from the show.

Ruby Sniper

However the weapons, although accurate in design, do have an odd flat look when compared to Ruby herself. It’s hard to shake the feeling that the weapons are nothing but plastic when placed next to the realistic textures of her attire. Ruby’s blank expression also exudes a sense of emptiness that takes away from the figure, especially when in an action pose.

RWBY Team Cover

Only the titular character has been announced for release but event pictures have already detailed the future release of the whole RWBY team. All the ladies look wonderfully constructed as Ruby Rose, but are lacking in the accessory department. I don’t think their weapons have such elaborate transformations as Crescent Rose.

The Rest

Some work may need to go into Yang’s figure before release as she seemed to have undergone breast reduction surgery.

Threezero Ruby

When I first glanced at the store for the Ruby ThreeZero figures I had to do a double take. At $20 that’s an easy steal. Sadly it was too good to be true as $20 was just the reservation price. In total it will set you back a steep $168 (minus $20 is $148). Pricey, but these are high quality figures.

You can pick up the pre-order now at the Rooster Teeth store (sorry it seems to be US only this time), with the other RWBY girls soon to follow.


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