Quick Thoughts: Batgirl #36 and #37

Batgirl 36- 37

I would never identify myself as a comic buff. I’ve dabbled in Ultimate Spiderman for a bit as a teenager and watched my fair share of 90’s comic book cartoons but my interest peaked with Mark Miller’s Kick Ass. I never had too much interest for DC’s line of masked crusaders, preferring Marvel’s line fantastical supers. Batgirl #36 and #37 doesn’t alter the status quo but I’m still invested in Babs’s adventures in Burnside.

Batgirl 36

Batgirl #36 flows like a cartoon episode. Small mentions of the overarching plot, villain of the week defeated to draw Batgirl closer to the big bad, and a grand fighting finale before cake and credits. This issue introduces Batgirl’s version of Lucius Fox, Qadir. Qadir has a great design taking note of the newest iteration of Q but I fear that he will just be a gadget dispenser like his predecessors. Hopefully there will be some good banter between the two to ward away the stale professionalism of their relationship. Babs Torr does an excellent job on the fight scenes in this issue. They’re highly dynamic and acrobatic accentuating Batgirl as a opportunistic fighter rather than a power house. As a follow up to #35, it does a great job in continuing Batgirl’s new tone.

Batgirl 37

Batgirl #37 is more of a Batgirl issue than a Barbara one. She spends a lot more time in spandex instead of out which is a nice change of pace from the college girl drama Barbara is going through. I think this instalment was clumsier than the previous as it introduces things that aren’t really answered; what happened to Frankie’s legs, who is dagger type, what is Hooq and which room mate works for them? That’s not to mention the controversy that surrounds this issues new character. But, there are two parts that I liked; a nod to the killing joke and the last page. I love when concepts change with the modern age thus making them more relevant and less anachronistic. Kick Ass used this as a plot point to help get the news out there and I’m hoping to see it as a core plot point in this run of Batgirl.


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