Quick Thoughts: Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park Cover

When I first look at the promotional pictures of Amagi Brilliant Park I thought I knew what it was about. Generic handsome looking protagonist, busty tsundere lead with some sort of weapon, frail blonde girl. Yep looks like another romantic comedy/harem anime. I can foresee the mascot characters being overtly pervy and getting away with it because it’s Ok by the girl being molested. These shows are a dime a dozen so I didn’t give it a second thought, unless my tumblr feed dumps a gif from the show.

Then some lonesome night on youtube, I stumbled upon a clip from the show and it turned my perception around.

The real reason I started watching Amagi Brilliant Park.
The real reason I started watching Amagi Brilliant Park.

The first instance I knew the show was different from my hasty pre assessment was when the mascot character, Moffle, spoke. It wasn’t sickly sugery cute or playful but direct and forceful. The scene was Moffle and Kanie arguing over something so I could sense that the show was based more on drama than romantic comedy.  Watching through the whole episode, I gathered the show was based on fantasy creatures living in a theme park that needed more visitors otherwise it’ll get shut down. That’s an amazing premise! Like Monsters Inc, it takes a familial concept and applies it to a real world environment or situation.

Moffle Macaron Tiramy
The Mascot’s human form

The main cast are incredibly charming despite their generic appearance. Kanie is an asshole but get’s things done, Sento is a hottie but has some great moments character development, but surprisingly I really really like the mascot characters. Usually I think mascot characters water down any franchise unless they’re for children. Persona 4’s Teddie ranks highly in my list of annoying video game/anime characters of all time next to Misa and ClapTrap. But Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramy are hilarious. None of them have an annoying voice, they act like adults whenever they’re not performing allowing for some great gags, and they’re all likeable.

Look passed the obvious harem scenario and you can find a pretty good anime here
Look passed the male pandering and you can find a pretty good anime here

You can start on any episode with Amagi Brilliant Park as story centric episodes are the first two and episode 12. There is continuity but not enough to distract from the goal of each episode. If you enjoy slice of life with a bit of fantasy and theme parks then you should visit Amagi Brilliant Park. It’s surprisingly good.


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