Quick Thoughts: The Walking Dead Season 2 (spoilers)

The Walking Dead Season Two Cover

The Walking Dead has seriously put a downer on my whole holiday, to the point that I’m seriously debating my life skills in the very rare case of an apocalyptic survival scenario. Season Two was a roller coaster of emotions and tough decisions, and while I didn’t like the new group as much as the old one, their pilgrimage for safety will still resonate as strongly.

Clementine S1 S2

Right off the bat there is a steep disempowerment for the player as they control Clementine instead of Lee. Clementine is still a bad ass with a pair bigger than mine but you can no longer knock the heads of two arguing party members to get their shit together. I noticed a steady change in my Clementine that I disliked personally but it was executed brilliantly narratively. In Season One Clementine was like a younger sister/ daughter that I had to protect, something me and the protagonist Lee shared in philosophy. As the Carver arc crescendo’d in Episode 3, my Clementine chose to watch Kenny brutally murder Carver. It wasn’t what I wanted my Clementine to see as Lee, but it was what I wanted to see as Clementine.

Thousand Yard Stare

This put me at an amazing cross roads as a player and protagonist. Clementine; this sweet girl has over time become a tough as nails veteran with a thousand yard stare due to my actions. My actions being a response to the environment Clementine/I was subjected to. It’s something Lee/I didn’t want to see happen but it was something that Clementine/I needed to survive.

400 days was a nice prequel but largely the choices didn’t have consequences. Also no Nate in this season 😦

The whole arc up to In Harm’s Way was amazing. Telltale decided to put the antagonist storyline in the first half of the season to leave a more personal dilemma for the finale. Bill Carver is one of the most intimidating, intense, and unpredictable antagonists I have ever encountered. I admire his dedication and respect for running a “safe” community but at the same time despised his actions towards the group. This is the reason why my Clementine stayed to watch the beating, I had to see it to the bitter end.

The ending I wanted but I trusted Jane...
The ending I wanted but I trusted Jane…

Season Two was a great wrap up of the whole Lee/Clementine/Kenny arc. I don’t think they should continue using these characters going forward (except maybe an appearance at the Inventory). This is a fitting end to their story. Season Three, set to release this year, is said to have a “new angle” so it’s looking promising that we won’t be retreading old ground.


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