Quick Thoughts: Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin Clothing Cover

As I progressed from an acne covered teen into a less acne covered adult one of the underlying choices I was making was how my wardrobe would be. I have been increasingly internet shopping as many stores have specialised merchandise, specifically apparel that feeds my nerdy desire. High Street stores can sell me a top with Mario or Sonic slapped across my chest but I think of those as childish garments. It’s a bit too on the nose for what I would like as a secret geek. This is where Insert Coin Clothing comes in.

E in a Tank modelled by Ryan Haywood and Beat modelled by Gus Sorola
E in a Tank modelled by Ryan Haywood and Beat modelled by Gus Sorola

Insert Coin Clothing came onto my radar due to their sponsorship with Rooster Teeth’s Podcast. Influenced by the hosts recommendations of the sponsor I headed over to their site and was visually impressed by their designs. Mainly T shirts, their catalogue was spread over a multitude of video game series. Not that you can instantly recognise it from the decal alone. Only gamers that were dedicated to the series would understand the garment completely. These subtle nods to the games they were based off coupled with strong aesthetics fit my criteria.

Ebony and Ivory Cover

For example; Ebony and Ivory T shirt/ Hoodie. On the outside it is two hand guns with Ebony and Ivory displayed up top with the tag line Time To Go To Work. Never in a Devil May Cry promotional image or video will you see Ebony and Ivory shown but players of any Devil May Cry will know these as Dante’s main side arm. Insert Coin Clothing aren’t afraid to go deep into video game lore when designing. Their Calber’s Fine English Ketchup T shirt is a reference to Metal Gear Solid. You won’t find the reference in game either. The only mention of this brand of condiment is found in the official mission handbook.

Up coming Playstation 20th anniversary jersey modelled by @dudettecolette (Colette Barr)
Up coming Playstation 20th anniversary jersey modelled by @dudettecolette (Colette Barr)

Insert Coin Clothing runs each product for a limited time only reloading exceedingly popular garments. Their prices can be on the premium end but are currently running a very attractive sale with up to 70 % off certain items of clothing. I have shopped at other online retailers but none of them live up to the quality of Insert Coin Clothing when it comes to material or visually pleasing design.


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