Wave 4 Amiibo Lucina Review

Lucina Review Cover

I don’t think we could have predicted the whole world going amiibo crazy with ridiculous mark ups by scalpers on “unicorn” rare amiibos. But when the quality of amiibo can fluctuate between Merth and newly reprinted Marth, balding villager, and factory defect turned super unicorn rare akimbo Samus, reviewing amiibos may have to come with some discretion. The Fire Emblem characters have been notorious for having the derp face imprinted on an otherwise solid figure, will Lucina suffer the same fate?

Comparison Lucina

On the surface Lucina is a great figure. The pose mirrors the Lucina trophy seen in game and the billowing cape makes the figure look more dynamic. Like all other amiibos she is not posable in anyway so don’t be expecting to fashion elaborate Fire Emblem dioramas.

Lucina comes with a surprising amount of detail. Her cape is emblazoned with Mark of Naga and her shoulder guards are more prominent than the rest of her outfit, highlighting the contrast between metallic armour and her tunic. The belts that wrap around her torso needs to be mentioned. The paint job on the buckle and belt is fantastic making the whole figure feel more polished than the typical $10 toy. She is also quite durable. I’ve accidentally dropped her a fair few times during this review without any visible damages.

Lucina Face

Fortunately the Lucina amiibo doesn’t share the hereditary derp face. Her face appears soft and determined with a surprising amount of detail going into the eyes giving them an attractive look of concentration. I don’t think the detail extends to the Brand of Exalt in her left eye but then again I don’t have access to a microscope to see.

Lucina does come with some minor blemishes. The paint work is not too great on the handle of Falchion especially the appearance of purple splotches around her fingers. The same errors can be seen around the upper part of her boots but to a very small extent and only if you’re looking really hard.

Lucina Back

Two big issues with Lucina is her hair and the see through stand that extends up to her lower back. To me, the stand is not a problem as it is for others. I know that amiibo have had some ridiculous supports like Wii Fit Trainers plastic foot cast or Link’s bright yellow support beam, so I think Lucina’s support is relatively minor by comparison. Lastly her hair looks unnatural. It doesn’t convey soft or smooth but instead bunched and matted at least from the back. Front facing, Lucina’s hair complements and frames her face.

Lucina Final

Problems I had with the Lucina amiibo go un-noticed at a glance and the positives stand out when she is put on display. Lucina is arguably one of the better looking amiibo figures that have been released especially when comparing to the other Fire Emblem amiibos. When it comes to amiibos, your own desire is the wallet threshold. I was willing to pay double for Lucina because I was only intending to pick up one amiibo so I thought it was worth the price.

The Lucina amiibo is worth seeking out if you’re a fan of the character. For amiibo hunters this should be one for the collection as she is one of the more detailed and polished amiibo that have been released. Just be aware that you may have to fork out a higher sum due to the demand.


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