Reviving the Greatness of SNK, NEO GEO Mini releases Early September

Many gamers may not have grown up in the decade of arcades, pixel perfect sprites, and quarters on the screen but those that did will know the name SNK. Prior to it’s dissolution in the early 2000s, SNK was famous for their fighting game franchises (King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown), and run and gun shooters (Metal Slug). But mainly it’s about the fighters.

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CYG|Fuudo Wins E-Sports Festival in Clutch Final against UYU| NL

Yesterday concluded the latest Capcom Pro Tour international tournament for Street Fighter V hosted in Hong Kong. Top competitors and world warriors from around the globe gathered in E-Sports Festival with more than a hundred entrants for the two day event.

In the finals; Korean UYU| NL faced off against CYG|Fuudo from Japan. Fuudo was definitely the underdog in the finals having been sent into losers bracket my NL himself earlier in the tournament, whilst NL taking the winners route all the way. NL having a strong international ranking in the Capcom only finished 97th in Evo last year compared to Fuudo’s fairly consistent top 10 position in the last few Capcom Cup events.

NL took the early lead in the E-Sports Festival finals winning the first set and taking it to tournament point. However Fuudo displayed some impressive reads resetting the bracket and taking the tournament in style with a critical arts finish. The final score was 3-1 to Fuudo.

A well deserved win for Fuudo taking home $7,000 (£5,430.60) that doubles as a novelty umbrella.

Being a premier event in Capcom Cup, these results contribute more points to a player’s global and regional ranking compared to a ranked event. To qualify for the Capcom Cup final, players must either be in top 26 globally, 1 player from one of the four regional finals, be a legacy competitor of the previous years Capcom cup or the winner of the last chance qualifier.