Let’s All Go to the Movies!

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The first ever post on this site was Quick Thoughts on Iron Man 3 and since then I haven’t written about any other movies. The reason being is that I dislike watching movies unless they really really interest me. I’d be hard pressed to spend $10 or even hour and a half on a movie when I could be doing something else. But at the start of this weekend in the shower of all places I decided I wanted to watch a British gangster movie like in The Getaway. One thing lead to another and now I had four movies under my belt after 72 hours.

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Quick Thoughts: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell remained a man of mystery throughout most of my life. Mass consuming media in the noughties my first images of Mr. Campbell were from the Raimi Spiderman films. I occasionally heard his arrogant vocals in animated shows like My Life as a Teenage Robot and Megas XLR but never thought of him as anything more than a nameless actor. I was never aware of the cult hero Bruce, until I watched Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness that featured; the Evil Dead series, Bubba Ho- Tep and later a review of My Name is Bruce.

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Quick Thoughts on Iron Man 3 (minor spoilers!)

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I’ve never been a fan of the Iron Man comics. I was always a Spiderman kid when I was growing up but the Iron Man movies starring Robert Downey Jr. really caught my attention. The first movie was fantastic and the second movie was a let-down, and while The Avengers subsided my hunger for more Iron Downey action, I was very excited for Iron Man 3 as it featured the Mandarin who could best be described as Iron Man’s Arch Enemy.

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