Seconds Nods to Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim creator and Indie darling released his third graphic novel this summer entitled "Seconds". While he has kept tight lipped concerning the plot of Seconds, you can see bits and bobs of the artwork all over his social media; Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I was lucky enough to pick up a signed copy of the … Continue reading Seconds Nods to Scott Pilgrim


Taking Over Midnight by &andra Lyrics (Gravity Falls) Friday Night, and we're gonna party 'til dawn Don't Worry Daddy I've got my favorite dress on We're Rollin' to the party The Boys are lookin' our way We just keep dancin' We don't care what they say And all the boys are gettin' up on my face Boys are a bore Let's show … Continue reading Taking Over Midnight by &andra Lyrics (Gravity Falls)