Quick Thoughts: Hanamonogatari

The last time I checked in on Araragi and his harem of quick talking gag spewing oddity belles I stated that I wasn't overly hyped for the new season. I'm still a big fan of the Monogatari series but after spending a whole summer catching up on the series it can cause fatigue. Allowing myself a … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Hanamonogatari


Quick Thoughts: Amagi Brilliant Park

When I first look at the promotional pictures of Amagi Brilliant Park I thought I knew what it was about. Generic handsome looking protagonist, busty tsundere lead with some sort of weapon, frail blonde girl. Yep looks like another romantic comedy/harem anime. I can foresee the mascot characters being overtly pervy and getting away with … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Amagi Brilliant Park

RWBY Figures: Ruby Rose Figure by ThreeZero

Unlike most anime made these days, RWBY hasn't capitalised on the merchandise that could be made from the series. I was expecting a tsunami of drama CDs, dakimakura, keychains, phone cases, and art books. Instead there has been a steady trickle of promising figurines by McFarlane Toys. Recently Rooster Teeth have partnered with ThreeZero to … Continue reading RWBY Figures: Ruby Rose Figure by ThreeZero

Quick Thoughts: Attack on Titan

If you're not already watching Attack on Titan then stop reading this and head over to crunchyroll and start watching. If you're reading the manga or watching the sub, then I'd suggest you still head over and watch the dub because it's quite good. Either way just start watching Attack on Titan because it's the … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Attack on Titan

Quick Thoughts: Monogatari Series: Second Season

The Monogatari series was supposed to be my summer anime. Anime that has been on my backlog for sometime but requires a lot of free time to catch up on thus being perfect to watch in summer. Suffice to say that I accomplished that goal last month and more recently watched the whole of Berserk, Paranoia … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Monogatari Series: Second Season

Anime Doppelgängers and Dead Ringers

So I've been watching a lot of anime recently. And I mean a lot! When you do that, you start to get double vision or at least your mind starts seeing characters all over the place. Here a few dead ringers or doppelgängers that some how made it into other anime series. Vato Falman/ FMA … Continue reading Anime Doppelgängers and Dead Ringers

Quick Thoughts: Nisemonogatari and a bit of Nekomongatari

If you try to look up the Monogatari anime series you will see that it doesn't follow the typical naming system of seasons 1, 2, 3 etc. Instead each season is named with the latest season being called Monogatari Series: Second Season. However confusingly Nisemonogatari is the direct sequel that follows on from Bakemonogatari and … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Nisemonogatari and a bit of Nekomongatari

Quick Thoughts: Ping Pong The Animation

I usually write these Quick Thoughts once I have finished watching an anime. So far Ping Pong The Animation is on its 9th episode of it's 11 episode run. But since I've seen the film, I know what is going to happen and already have an unwavering opinion of the show. Penny Arcade had a large impact … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Ping Pong The Animation

Quick Thoughts: Bakemonogatari

It's funny what draws me to watch an anime series over another. Sometimes it's due to it's overwhelming popularity and fandom a la Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. Other times it's because of raging hormones the heroine looks super pretty; To Love Ru, Amaenaideyo and Rio Rainbow Gate. This time, Bakemonogatari attracted me because I watched … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Bakemonogatari