Quick Thoughts: Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin Clothing Cover

As I progressed from an acne covered teen into a less acne covered adult one of the underlying choices I was making was how my wardrobe would be. I have been increasingly internet shopping as many stores have specialised merchandise, specifically apparel that feeds my nerdy desire. High Street stores can sell me a top with Mario or Sonic slapped across my chest but I think of those as childish garments. It’s a bit too on the nose for what I would like as a secret geek. This is where Insert Coin Clothing comes in.

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A Wild Speculation has Appeared: Nintendo E3 Reveals and Announcements

Nintendo E3

With only a few days before E3 the internet hype machine is already pumping out lots of rumors and speculation. Will there be slimmer models of XBONE and PS4? Will Microsoft release it’s own portable system? Will SONY release a game that actually uses the touch pad on the PS4? Except, instead of those two we are here to focus on ol’ Grandad Nintendo and their Digital Press Event. I won’t be covering Smash predictions since I think the internet has already had it’s fair share of top 10 lists and predictions. Here are my wildest speculations on what Nintendo has in store for the next year.

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