RWBY Figures: Ruby Rose Figure by ThreeZero

Unlike most anime made these days, RWBY hasn’t capitalised on the merchandise that could be made from the series. I was expecting a tsunami of drama CDs, dakimakura, keychains, phone cases, and art books. Instead there has been a steady trickle of promising figurines by McFarlane Toys. Recently Rooster Teeth have partnered with ThreeZero to make a figures of the main cast with Ruby being the first one announced for pre-order.

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RWBY Figure: Jaune Arc

Jaune Cover

Last summer saw the release of Blake and Yang figures made by McFarlane Toys adapted from the popular web anime series RWBY. While I was critical of the design of all four girls they seem to be selling well enough to warrant a whole second season. This time it’ll focus on the JNPR team starting with their golden leader Jaune Arc.

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Except for Ruby Rose

RWBY done cover

A rather lengthy title for saying, I’ve dropped RWBY from my weekly watching list. I had high hopes for Monty Oum’s anime written by Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross as I’m a big fan of Haloid, and Dead Fantasy. They were lite on story but visually the narrative elements were there; Dead or Alive girls hate on Final Fantasy girls. So if you couple those awesome fighting vignettes with some capable writers, that should be a recipe for success.

NOTE: Spoilers for Volume II up to Chapter 7

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RWBY Blake and Yang Figures

Yang and Blake

The last member of team RWBY is now available for purchase at the Rooster Teeth store so now you can finally add Monty Oum’s ladies to your every growing collection of polyvinyl cherry figures. I’ve decided to cover both Blake and Yang together today, or as they are affectionately called ‘Bumblebee‘, because I don’t think I need to spend a large amount of time talking about Blake.

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RWBY Weiss Figure

Weiss Cover1 Co-Star of Rooster Teeth’s latest animation venture; Weiss Schnee is the next lucky lady to get a figure modelled after her. Weiss is a typical tsundere without a male lead to fawn over so instead she’s just a uptight bitch to the main character Ruby. Weiss was introduced in the White trailer as an opera singing fencer fighting against Iron Knuckle‘s anime cousin. That was also the trailer that first showed off the use of dust, a staple in the RWBY universe. Continue reading

RWBY Ruby Rose Figure


RWBY is Rooster Teeth’s latest venture in Internet entertainment domination but it has had some mixed feedback. The positive are that the action is phenomenal. After all it is Monty Oum’s production but anime critics have torn RWBY to shreds regarding animation, storyline and every thing that isn’t the combat. Checking the site and twitter yesterday I was surprised to see that they released a new action figure featuring the titular character.

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Quick Thoughts: RWBY

RWBY cover

After Monty Oum (Haloid, Dead Fantasy) was hired by Rooster Teeth to do some pretty kick ass CG work on Red vs. Blue, he also got to work on his own project called RWBY. RWBY can best be described; if anime fans wanted to make an anime with a sprinkle of Monty Oum. I decided to dedicate an afternoon watching through the whole first season since it’s all available on Youtube. Continue reading