One Piece Color Walk 1+ 2 Review

Color Walk Review Cover

One Piece is an anime series that likes to take it’s characters to new places with new things to see. In every arc, there are new characters, new pirates to beat up, and new places to explore each with their own theme and colour palate. Suffice to say an anime series based off a manga with a versatile tenure in aesthetic should produce some damn good art books.
For this review I’ll be looking at the first two Color Walks.

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The Goods and Bads of One Piece (possible spoilers for the anime)

One Piece Cover
One Piece is one hell of a show. It’s a shonen manga with lots of fighting, a “fight harder” mentality to get through any trouble, sprinkled with up-beat humour and colourful characters. It goes beyond the call of duty of normal shows by incorporating some hard hitting themes in each arc; betrayal, greed, slavery, racism and abandonment are to name a few.
But one of my favourite themes which continues throughout all the sagas is Justice.