Amaenaideyo: The Ultimate Ecchi show

Amaenaideyo Cover

It’s hard for a regular anime viewer to avoid the occasional fan service or Ecchi scene in our shows. It’s like clock work that there will be a filler episode based on a beach or swimming pool and ultimately will provide no purpose apart from feeding our eyes with revealed skin. But there is only so much teasing I can take before making the switch to the H stuff. Ecchi or Harem shows would be the middle ground, with most episodes showing enough of the good stuff to keep you enticed while not showing it all so it’s ok to watch in a lit room. But can sex appeal really carry a show? No but Amaenaideyo does try.

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Quick Thoughts: RWBY

RWBY cover

After Monty Oum (Haloid, Dead Fantasy) was hired by Rooster Teeth to do some pretty kick ass CG work on Red vs. Blue, he also got to work on his own project called RWBY. RWBY can best be described; if anime fans wanted to make an anime with a sprinkle of Monty Oum. I decided to dedicate an afternoon watching through the whole first season since it’s all available on Youtube. Continue reading

The Goods and Bads of One Piece (possible spoilers for the anime)

One Piece Cover
One Piece is one hell of a show. It’s a shonen manga with lots of fighting, a “fight harder” mentality to get through any trouble, sprinkled with up-beat humour and colourful characters. It goes beyond the call of duty of normal shows by incorporating some hard hitting themes in each arc; betrayal, greed, slavery, racism and abandonment are to name a few.
But one of my favourite themes which continues throughout all the sagas is Justice.